A product of necessity

Hello to you.
On this page I shall share all which perplex my sacred spirit.
A writer, a poet, an essayist, an artist, an observer.
I am
A depressed person, an over-thinker timid and fearful.
I am
Years ago, I ostracized myself into a void of incessant thought. In this void my understanding flourished albeit my vitality drained.
Here I am years later, actively trying to construct a mindset anew.
Here I am asking you to read all which I write, and engage.
You see, I write out of necessity.
Each word a key to a shackle. Each sentence a structure of freedom.
Have you ever imprisoned your will?
Have you ever held yourself captive?
 I have, for far too long.
I want to share my work with you so as to free myself.
To write and not share is as to speak and not be heard.
The disconnect can prove maddening.
 I want to write to share.
I want to write so you know you are not alone.
Whatever it is, you are not alone. 

2,998 thoughts on “A product of necessity

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